July 8, 2017 NIDOA Calgary General Meeting

Dear NIDO-Calgary member,

You are hereby reminded that the General Meeting of the Calgary Chapter of NIDOA is scheduled to hold as follows;

Date: Saturday, July 8, 2017.

VenueNigeria House @ Unit 319, 3132 26th Street NE, Calgary

Time: 3.30 – 5.50 pm PROMPT

**Remember to bring along your business cards for networking**

**Come prepared to take notes during the professional talk**

NIDOA Calgary July 8 Meeting Agenda

NIDOA Calgary General Meeting Minutes March 4 2017

NIDOA Calgary General Meeting Minutes May 13 2017


Professional Talk: Growth Through Innovation

 One of the many beauties of our time is that, for as far as we have come, there are still unexplored frontiers and new inventions to create. Many of the challenges of the future will be solved by using and creating new technology.

 In 2001, oil was about $30/bbl and only one company cracked the top five list by market cap at the time. There was also only one Technology Company in the top 5. Today? We are back at roughly $40/bbl and no energy companies are currently listed in the top five. Instead, the list has been completely replaced by tech companies, including Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. All signs predict that this will stay the same for the foreseeable future.

 In this discussion, we will be touching on the following:

  1.     My Practical examples of technology deployment in Professional Career
  2. Identifying opportunities
  3. Available market tools to get started
  4. Industry trends & events